Decimator D4 Highlights

Calian SED’s new generation of Decimator Spectrum Analyzers is the Decimator D4. 

The D4’s enhanced functionality makes it ideal for monitoring RF feeds & carriers in satellite, cable and terrestrial networks.

Decimator D4 highlights include an increased frequency range, DVB-S/S2/S2X signal digital demodulation with constellation display, signal analysis, advanced carrier monitoring and more.

Frequency range 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz

5 MHz to 6.5 GHz with 50 Ohm SMA connector
5 MHz to 3 GHz with 75 Ohm F-Type connector

Secure Web-Based Access

All data communication occurs securely via the secure built-in Ethernet port using HTTPS.

Supports Users on All Devices

HTML5 supports all users on all devices, including Android and IOS platforms.

Multiple Form Factors

Decimator D4 is available in 3 form factors including:

- Multi-port (4/8 port) - ideal for monitoring multiple feeds and carriers.
- PCIe card - great for integration into small spaces.
- Portable - conveniently transports in a standard laptop case.

The Remote Management Protocol allows the D4 to be integrated into your network, OEM product, satcom terminal, or RF monitoring/measurement system.

Multiple Form Factors
DVB-S/S2/S2X Demodulation & Signal Analysis

DVB-S/S2/S2X Demodulation & Signal Analysis

The signal analysis engine demodulates and decodes an MPEG transport stream based DVB-S/S2/S2X signal and provides signal characteristics, modulation accuracy, power measurements and a constellation display.

Programmable Alarms via Email & SNMP

For operators who have critical measurements to monitor, Decimator D4 offers programmable email & SNMP alarms that can be set up to notify multiple people immediately if a signal is out of pre-set thresholds.

Built-In Carrier Monitoring

Built-In Carrier Monitoring Application

Decimator D4 includes a powerful built-in Carrier Monitoring function, it provides notification via email or SNMP of carrier measurements that exceed user-defined limits. It's ideal for individual monitoring of unattended carriers in case of rain fade, transponder compression or equipment failure. 

API Integration with Third Party NMS's

For customers with third party Network Management Systems (NMS’s), Decimator provides a powerful API specification to ensure a seamless integration.

Built-In Cross-pol Application

Decimator’s built-in Cross-pol isolation measurement function allows operators to display both Co-pol and Cross-pol signals simultaneously, along with the isolation value.

Multi-User Support (up to 10 concurrent users)

Up to 10 concurrent remote users can connect to the Decimator D4 and perform ad-hoc measurements. A separate independent connection from your Network Management System (NMS) can also be performing background measurements.

Waterfall Display

Waterfall Display

Built-into Decimator D4, Waterfall Display shows a heat map over time of the trace power values. All the current settings from the Spectrum view are loaded into the Waterfall view, such as center frequency, span and RBW. for easy configuration. This display makes it easy to see signal variation over time with a wide frequency range. Intermittent interference signals are easily spotted on the waterfall display.

Advanced Spectrum Monitoring with Spectator

The Spectator software add-on license offers advanced spectrum monitoring capabilities for Decimator D4. View up to 100 carriers at a glance in a single window; zoom into a specific carrier to playback individual carrier traces, view trend plots and more.

Advanced Carrier Monitoring with Spectator
Detector Advanced Signal Monitoring

Advanced Signal Monitoring with Detector

The Detector software add-on license allows users to display multiple signal constellation displays on a single screen. With Detector, users can monitor multiple (up to 100) carriers at a time for viewing demodulated signal characteristics, including historical view. The Detector display can be configured to monitor only signals from carriers of interest or to view only carriers that have alarm conditions.