Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

Advanced Spectrum Monitoring & Signal Analysis

Supports all web-browsers on all devices with HTML5

DVB-S/S2/S2X demodulation & signal analysis capabilities

Supports a frequency range of
5 MHz to 6.5 GHz

Decimator D4 Spectrum and Signal Analyzer remotely monitors RF communication signals anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection. 

Decimator D4 is a fourth-generation product that builds upon the capabilities of the popular Decimator D3.

Decimator D4 is a wideband spectrum analyzer with carrier monitoring that can be used for L-band, C-band, Ka-band, Ku-band, and Q/V-band frequency satellite signals.

The D4 features a secure control interface that’s ideal for monitoring RF feeds & carriers in satellite, wired & terrestrial wireless networks.

Decimator D4 - Applications

Used standalone or integrated into your solution, Decimator D4 is ideal for measurement of RF communications & broadcast carriers in a variety of applications.  The D4 is suitable for use as a GEO, MEO or LEO satellite spectrum analyzer with an input frequency range of 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz & DVB-S/S2/S2X digital demodulation capabilities. 

Our Decimator D4 remote management API protocol can be integrated into your network, RF system, satcom terminal, or RF monitoring/measurement system.  Decimator D4 is available in Multi-port (4/8 port -1RU/19” rack mount), PCIe Card & Portable form factors.



Decimator D4 provides Teleport operators with remote access to spectral analysis along with real-time carrier monitoring of all signals ranging from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz, including L-band and C-bands.  User-defined signal threshold parameters allow instant notification to any number of users when signal parameters fall below or rise above thresholds.

Available as a 1RU rack mount, up to 10 simultaneous users can access the spectrum analyzer from any web browser or via the publicly available API protocol. Use Decimator D4 in beacon receiver applications, VSAT commissioning and low-cost carrier monitoring.

Broadcast & DSNG

Broadcast & DSNG

Decimator D4 RF spectrum analyzer allows broadcasters, DSNG vehicles and back-haul sites to quickly connect their uplink equipment for always-on or occasional use broadcast. D4 can be used to line-up and acquire the satellite signal, peak the antenna and monitor signal performance. Operations center-based technical support can remotely access the remote spectrum analyzer to provide further support when needed.



Decimator D4 is ideal for use in large passenger cruise ships, superyachts and commercial ocean-going vessels to provide onboard monitoring & analysis of satellite signals.  Calian, Advanced Technologies (formerly Calian SED’s) 50-year history of working with maritime systems integrators, terrestrial and satellite service providers ensures we can meet the needs of our customers.  Operations center-based technical support can remotely access the remote spectrum analyzer to provide further support when needed.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Decimator D4 provides the oil & gas sector with reliable remote RF signal monitoring for their communication infrastructure services.  Offshore and land based production rigs utilize several signal types (satellite, WIMAX, Wi-Fi, LTE cellular and 2-way radio) to integrate telecommunication systems, SCADA and M2M communications.  Decimator D4 can monitor all of these signals.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antenna Systems

Decimator D4 can monitor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cellular, Wi-Fi and 2-way radio signals, including HF frequencies, to ensure critical measurements alert you to network availability and signal quality issues before your customers do.  Decimator D4 is available in multi-port configurations to cost-effectively provide remote monitoring information via the built-in web GUI or using the API for integration to popular DAS antenna network management solutions.

Government & Military

Government & Military

Decimator D4 can be integrated into VSAT terminals, mobile command and control systems or any number of military or government applications. The Decimator API is ideal for easily integrating with a wide range of commonplace signal monitoring/management systems.

Our in-house engineering department allows us to custom build products and ancillary devices for the most demanding government and military customers. Feel free to request a custom solution or choose from our COTS spectrum analyzer line-up.

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